Healing of the Nations

Healing of the Nations

Sanidad de las NacionesHealing of the Nations is a training program based on a transformational and doctrinal discipleship. It also provides the tools that are necessary to serve God in Christian leadership and ministry. By participating in Healing of the Nations, we can experience a steady personal growth in our Christian life and the development of our spiritual gifts within the framework of spiritual balance and health.

If you want to serve God in some way, Healing of the Nations is the answer. This program will help you. For more information, please contact us.


Christian Life 1 is the first course of the Healing of the Nations training program.

Here we learn about the basic elements of the Christian life: the new life in Christ, prayer, the role of the Bible in our relationship with God, the importance of being part of God’s family (church), finance administration, and also we can learn how to overcome obstacles in our spiritual growth.

We can get the knowledge we need to enjoy our Christian life in only 8 one-hour sessions weekly.