God’s Promises to Pray

God’s Promises to Pray

It is important that we pray God’s promises over our lives because His promises cover every aspect of them.

His promises increase our faith and are the driving force that move our prayers.

When we intercede in prayer, we can remind God of His promises. For example, we can tell Him: “You said…” This remind us that we believe He will fulfill His purpose for our lives.

Also, we can plead our case with God. Set forth your arguments and evidence. God is the Righteous Judge, and Jesus is our advocate. However, our arguments should be based on Jesus’ work at the cross and on God’s promises. He will bring justice into our lives in His right timing.

God’s Promises to Pray is a document that will help us pray God’s promises. The selected promises from the Bible included here will encourage us and increase our faith. We can also declare these promises during our prayer time.

This material is part of the “Healing of the Nations” discipleship program, and we hope this will bless you. Please, let us know about the miraculous answers you will receive to your prayers.

You can freely download this document by clicking on this link:

Promesas de Dios para Orar
Promesas de Dios para Orar
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