Thank you for your interest in supporting the ministry of Ciudad de Dios. Your financial support allows us to continue spreading the Gospel and fulfilling the mission that we have embraced: to worship God and make disciples.

By blessing this ministry financially, we join together to continue to change lives that will give glory to God through our discipleship program Healing of the Nations.

In addition, Ciudad de Dios Central (our main location) needs new facilities. Learn why here.

For transfers within Costa Rica:

  • Banco Nacional de Costa Rica (BNCR)

    • Account Name: Asociacion Ciudad de Dios Internacional
    • Company Identification Number (Cedula Juridica): 3-002-500016
    • Colones Account: 100-01-142-000569-4   Customer Account: 15114210010005696
    • Dollar Account: 100-02-142-600440-7   Customer Account: 15114210026004405
  • Bac Credomatic

    • Account Name: Asociacion Iglesia Cristiana de Hatillo
    • Company Identification Number (Cedula Juridica): 3-002-045880
    • Colones Account: 905619227   Customer Account: 10200009056192278
    • Dollar Account: 907544548   Customer Account: 10200009075445489

For international transfers:

  • Account Name: Asociacion Ciudad de Dios Internacional
  • Dollar Checking Account Number: 100-02-142-600440-7
  • Address: Hatillo, San Jose, Costa Rica. De la bomba Uno frente al Centro Comercial Plaza America, 50 m norte y 300 m este
  • Bank Name: Banco Nacional de Costa Rica
  • Bank Address: San Jose, Costa Rica. Avenidas 1 y 3, calle 4

For supporting the ministry of Pastor Alex and Ana Alvarado:

If you want to directly support the ministry of Pastor Alex Alvarado Peterson, you can make your contribution to the following account:

Bac Credomatic

  • Colones Account: 902135888   Customer Account: 10200009021358883
  • Dollar Account: 902135912   Customer Account: 10200009021359121